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Landlord Agreement Application

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When a tenant stops service a landlord agreement allows you to have the utilities:

  • transferred into your name year round
  • transferred into your name during certain timeframes
  • turned off

Review our landlord agreement conditions and select Agree below to begin the landlord agreement application.

Agreement Conditions

  • MidAmerican Energy reserves the right to suspend a landlord agreement due to landlord past due balances.
  • Service will not transfer into the landlord’s name when a tenant is disconnected for non-payment.
  • Adding or removing properties on the agreement will not start or stop service.
  • Sale of a property will not remove the property from the agreement.
  • Service may be transferred into the landlord’s name one business day prior or up to two business days after the tenants requested stop date, when the date is close to the date of the scheduled meter reading date.
  • FOR IOWA PROPERTIES ONLY: Gas and electric companies are not permitted to disconnect service between November 1 and April 1 when any resident at the property is approved for low income home energy assistance.

Accepting these terms will serve as authorization for future changes to the agreement requested by the property owner or manager.

You may also print a copy of the application and submit it by fax , mail or email.