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Customer Service

Customer Service

At MidAmerican Energy, we take our slogan – Obsessively, relentlessly at your service – seriously. No matter what the task, our award-winning team is here to serve you.

How to get started with online services for landlords

Do you own rental properties? Whether you manage a duplex, residential homes, multi-family apartment buildings or multi-tenant commercial spaces, a My Landlord Account lets you manage energy service at your properties 24/7, for free.

  • Complete an online Landlord Agreement application. Have your Federal Tax ID or Social Security number, ownership and property information available to complete your agreement application.
  • A confirmation letter or an email regarding your Landlord Agreement will arrive shortly. This message will include instructions for creating a My Landlord Account.
  • Use your new Landlord Agreement information to create a My Landlord Account or add to an existing My Account.
  • Get started…

Why apply for a Landlord Agreement?

When you enter into a Landlord Agreement and create a My Landlord Account, you get convenient 24/7 access to monitor and update energy services at your properties. Enjoy the many benefits of a landlord agreement at no additional charge. For example, you can:

View and pay bills

  • View up to 13 months of your MidAmerican Energy bills.
  • Choose to pay all your bills at once, or individually.
  • Schedule recurring payments.
  • Get payment confirmations and notices when bills are due or past due.

Manage energy service between tenants

  • Indicate whether you want gas or electric service turned off or transferred into your landlord account in between tenants.
  • Choose real-time email or text alerts when service changes.
  • View pending start, stop or transfer of service orders.

Get quick access to records to help save time and energy

  • You will periodically receive summary statements confirming your current selections.
  • View monthly energy bills in your agreement name.
  • See the average bill amount for each property you own or manage.
  • Access up to 24 months of energy payment records to help simplify tax preparation time.

Stay up to date! Contact us whenever you buy or sell a property

  • My Landlord Account includes many features. Let us know when you buy or sell a property so we can add or remove it from your Landlord Agreement. That way you will minimize interruptions in service at your properties, or being billed for a property you longer own.

For the fastest service, simply complete your Landlord Agreement application online. Or download the PDF.

For questions, please email or call 1-800-329-6261.