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Social Media Guidelines

MidAmerican Energy Company

At MidAmerican Energy we are obsessively, relentlessly at your service. We value your participation on our social media channels. As you engage on our channels, we simply ask that you read, respect and follow the guidelines as part of our social community.

Our commitment to social media

  • We use social media to connect and engage with our customers and the public through relevant content related to our business. You can expect to find information related to outage and service restoration information, construction contractor safety tips, utility safety tips, seasonal safety tips, energy efficiency information, community activities and more.
  • Our social media channels – which include LinkedIn YouTube – are public, so anyone can post to them. Please note, because these channels are public, anyone can view your comments or posts to our channels. We monitor comments and posts and may remove content that does not relate to our business or comply with our guidelines. In addition, some content may be filtered or flagged without MidAmerican Energy’s knowledge based on the individual social media channel’s policy.
  • While every comment, question, concern will be read, not all will warrant a response from MidAmerican Energy. They will be read and, if appropriate, responded to in a timely manner based on when the comments were received.
  • We promise to provide open, honest dialogue with our customers through our social media channels. Please understand, however, that there are certain subjects we may not be able to allow or comment on for legal, safety, privacy or other reasons.

Follower involvement guidelines

  • Our social media channels are intended to be a space for open, courteous communication. While we appreciate and encourage feedback, please be considerate of other users’ experience, remain professional and respectful of others, and refrain from posting inappropriate content. MidAmerican Energy retains the discretion to remove material that does not meet these guidelines.
  • Please understand that any content you post to our social media channels is subject to the privacy policy of the social media channel. Please make sure you read and understand social media policies before posting.
  • If you have service-specific or account-specific questions or concerns for us, please direct message us in a way that will protect your safety and privacy. Account-specific information posted publicly will be deleted, however, it may appear to the public for some period of time. For customer-specific issues, we will respond through direct messages.
  • Questions about outage and service restoration-related information, including reporting an outage, can be found at
  • Our social media content is about MidAmerican Energy services and information. Keep posts and comments relevant to MidAmerican Energy. Comments unrelated to the subject matter, spam or offensive comments may be deleted.

Media inquiries

If you are a member of the media, please visit our Newsroom on

Copyright and intellectual property policy

The following copyright and intellectual property policies apply to our social media channels:

  • Infringement on any party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights, or right of publicity or privacy is prohibited.
  • By engaging on our social media channels, you warrant and represent that you are the copyright owner of the posted content, or that the owner of the posted content has granted you permission to use the content consistent with the manner and purpose of your use.
  • Using our social media channels to distribute unauthorized copies of copyrighted material, including photographs, videos, designs and more is prohibited and subject to removal from our channels.
  • When you post content in any form on our social media channels, you grant MidAmerican Energy rights to republish, redistribute, edit, modify or otherwise use the content in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, use in marketing and advertising materials.

Links to third-party sites

We may occasionally link to, ‘like,’ or share third-party sites when we think the information will be helpful to our social community. This does not in any way constitute an official endorsement of the third-party site, individual, company, organization or cause.