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Safety Education Programs

MidAmerican Energy has a strong commitment to energy safety and energy efficiency education.

The Energy for Education website provides electric and natural gas safety and energy conservation materials for teachers and students Grades K-9. Topics include energy efficiency, electric and natural gas safety, and the science of electricity and natural gas.

Simply Electrifying Programs

In partnership with the Science Center of Iowa, MidAmerican Energy provides Simply Electrifying programs to schools in its Iowa service territory at no charge. The presentations are delivered to schools in a four-year rotation. Scheduling is coordinated by SCI. The interactive presentation introduces students to the atom and its parts and explains the relationship between electrons and electricity. The program also:

  • Demonstrates static electricity
  • Discusses lightning safety
  • Illustrates the differences between current and static electricity
  • Illustrates the effects of electricity on everyday life
  • Explains how electricity is measured
  • Demonstrates common safety methods used in homes and businesses
  • Provides an introduction to energy efficiency concepts