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Our 100% Renewable Vision


MidAmerican Energy began investing in renewable energy in 2004, and we're not done yet. Our vision is to provide 100% renewable energy for our customers. It's a bold vision.

We Invest for Our Customers

We’ve always had ambitious goals, especially in exploring ways to diversify our energy production and provide lower rates for our customers.

Our customers want more renewable energy – 91% of those we asked say it’s important to utilize renewable resources like wind and solar. We couldn’t agree more. And we're doing it with minimal cost impact to our customers. Our rates in Iowa are the 9th lowest in the U.S. – about 37% below the national average.

Our 100% Renewable Vision

In 2004, 70% of our generation capacity came from coal and nothing came from wind. At year-end 2016, 48% of our generation capacity came from wind and 31% came from coal.

In April 2016, we announced our 100% renewable vision; we want to provide 100% renewable energy for our customers. That vision involves Iowa Utilities Board approval of our 2,000-megawatt Wind XI project.

When the Wind XI project is complete, our annual renewable energy generation is expected to reach a level that’s equivalent to more than 90% of our customers’ annual retail usage. And we will continue to evaluate opportunities to realize our 100% renewable vision.

Generating energy is only part of the solution. To support the integration of renewable energy onto the power grid, we are investing in our transmission infrastructure and working with our transmission provider to ensure it can carry the new power load. All of this work helps us move toward our 100% renewable energy vision for customers in Iowa.

Our Progress Depends on You

Our progress in providing renewable energy solutions would not be possible without the tremendous support for renewable energy we receive from our customers, supplier partners and community leaders throughout our service territory, all of whom have played and continue to play an important role in our success. Together, we are making energy safe, reliable and affordable for our families. Together, we are enhancing Iowa’s economy and revitalizing our communities. Together, we are creating a cleaner environment for generations to follow.