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Electrical Safety

Electrical hazards can cause burns, shocks and electrocution. Follow these guidelines to help you and your family stay safe around electricity.

Electricity travels easily through the human body.

Your body is 70% water, and water is an excellent conductor of electricity. If you touch an energized bare electrical wire or a faulty appliance, the electricity will use your body as the shortest path to the ground. If you are grounded, the electricity will pass through you to the ground, causing a harmful – or even fatal – shock.

Stay away from fallen lines

Always assume all fallen lines are energized. Fallen power lines can hurt or kill you, even if they do not spark, hum or dance. Stay away from anything touching the line, like a tree, fence, vehicle, etc. Call 911 and MidAmerican Energy at 800-799-4443 to report the fallen line. Do not touch someone who is being shocked by a fallen line.

Watch for fallen lines after storms

Fallen lines are most common after storms and high winds. If you are outside after a storm, be alert for lines that may be hard to see in streams or puddles.

Shuffle, don't run, from a fallen line

When a live wire touches the ground, electricity travels through the ground in all directions. Voltage lessens as it travels from the center where the live wire is touching the ground. If you are near a fallen line, shuffle away from the fallen line, keeping your feet together and on the ground. If you run or take large steps, you increase the chance that electricity could come up one leg and out the other, and you could be shocked.