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Commercial Energy Solutions

For Business Customers in Illinois

The Commercial Energy Solutions program offers energy assessments and building optimization services to help MidAmerican Energy's commercial customers in Illinois increase the efficiency of their existing facilities and save on energy costs.

You can increase your property values by lowering your monthly operating costs and investing in advanced efficiency technologies, while improving building operation and comfort.

Energy assessments

The free assessment is customized to your building's size and business needs and includes a review of the facility’s operating equipment and systems. At the end of the assessment you will receive a customized report that equips your business with a prioritized, actionable plan for saving energy and reducing operating costs.


  • Equipment rebates – The energy assessment report connects customers to prescriptive and custom rebates as outlined in the nonresidential equipment programs.
  • Enhanced incentives – Bonus rebates are available when multiple projects are completed.
  • Direct-install measures for small businesses – Gain immediate cost savings! Our energy specialist may install energy efficiency measures at no cost, as appropriate.
  • Insulation rebates – An on-site building assessment is required. Visit our Illinois energy assessment insulation details page for more information.

Schedule your assessment

Call 800-292-6448 or email and let one of our energy experts answer your questions or schedule your energy assessment. You also can complete an online form requesting a callback from our energy experts to help you get started.

Building optimization services

Enhance building operations and increase efficiency through low- or no-cost measures and practices. Express Building Tune-Up is designed for buildings under 100,000 sq. ft. offering simple retrocommissioning strategies to save energy and improve occupant comfort. For larger buildings, Retrocommissioning may be more appropriate with a detailed engineering analysis of the building systems to determine the most cost effective methods for reducing energy consumption.


MidAmerican Energy will fund 50 percent of the Express Building Tune-Up survey or Retrocommissioning study and additional incentives are earned based on energy savings ($0.05/kWh and $0.20/therm) from implemented projects. Incentives are capped at the lesser of:

  • 65 percent of total study and implementation cost
  • $0.20/square foot of building space

How to get started with building optimization services

Call 800-292-6448, email or complete an online form and let one of our energy experts answer your questions, assist you with determining which service best meets your building’s needs or help you find a service provider to complete your building optimization work.

Program qualifications

  • Participants must be commercial customers with facilities located in MidAmerican Energy’s Illinois service territory.
  • MidAmerican Energy must provide the primary electricity and/or natural gas to the equipment at the facility for which the rebate is being paid.
  • An on-site building assessment is required prior to beginning an insulation project in order to qualify for an insulation rebate.

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