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Beware of Scams

Scammers target energy customers and attempt to steal their money and personal information by threatening immediate service disconnection. Don't be a victim; be prepared to Slam the Scam!

Be Prepared

Scammers may:

  • Contact you by phone, mail, online ads or in-person.
  • Try to trick you by using a phone system that sounds just like ours and displays on your caller ID as MidAmerican Energy.
  • Pretend to be one of our employees.
  • Sound aggressive and demanding.
  • Demand immediate payment by either a credit card or prepaid (Green Dot) debit card to avoid service disconnection.

Here's a video of a scammer in action:

Don't Fall Victim

Service disconnection is a last resort, not a first step. If you’re behind on your energy bill, call us at 888-427-5632 and we'll help you determine the payment option that's right for you. MidAmerican Energy representatives will never:

  • Use threatening or aggressive tactics to collect payment.
  • Accept prepaid debit cards as a payment option.
  • Ask for credit or debit card payments over the phone.
Beware of Scams

Slam the Scam

Do you think you’re the victim of a scammer? Here's what to do:

  • Hang up the phone.
  • Call your local police.
  • Call us at 888-427-5632. Don’t call the number displayed on your caller ID or the number given to you by the scammer.
  • Never give out personal information.
  • Know what you owe. Log in to My Account to check your account balance.

Join Us In the Fight Against Scams

Help educate others about scammers:

  • Share our videos.
  • Download our poster and display it in your business or community.
  • Like and follow us on social media and share our scam alerts.