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Apply For Service

Online service applications are available to builders.

Residential builders should read the customer responsibilities and meter location guidelines prior to contacting MidAmerican Energy for new electric and natural gas service installation.

Base installation costs for electric and gas facilities assume installation under normal weather, soil and site conditions. If installation is required under adverse conditions such as snow, freezing rain, ground frost, extreme cold or unusually muddy or rugged terrain, additional charges will apply. Service connections completed between November 15 of the current year and March 15 of the following year may be subject to additional charges based on existing conditions at the time of installation.

To schedule service connections for a new site, complete and submit an online application for electric or natural gas service. If the city where the work is being performed is not listed, contact the work center in your area.

If you have questions regarding adverse construction conditions charges or need assistance, contact us at 888-427-5632.