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Summary Billing

What is Summary Billing?
Summary Billing is a service provided by MidAmerican Energy Company that allows a customer with three or more individual accounts to receive a single bill summarizing the activity of those accounts.

Who is eligible for Summary Billing?
Any MidAmerican Energy customer with three or more accounts, excluding gas transportation accounts, is eligible for Summary Billing unless any of the following exists on an account:
  • A past due balance
  • An active landlord agreement
What are the benefits of Summary Billing?
  • Receive one bill that summarizes individual account activity
  • Individual bills included to provide detailed information about each account
  • One due date
  • All bills are mailed together to a designated address
  • Submit one payment
  • Designate facilities or locations on the summary bill with a 15-character account identifier
Can other products and services be combined with Summary Billing?
Yes. The following programs can be combined with Summary Billing:
  • ACH
  • Recurring payment option
  • I CARE
  • Renewable Advantage
How do I sign up for Summary Billing?
Contact business advantage by email at, or call 800-329-6261. Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding holidays, to assist you.