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Washing Your Car

  • Don't mix water and electricity.
    Water can conduct electricity from an appliance to you and cause serious injury. Never leave a plugged-in appliance where it may come in contact with the wet car, the wet ground or your wet body.
  • Do the dry jobs first, then use the hose.
    When you are using electric devices, such as a vacuum cleaner, select a dry work area and use the appliances first. Unplug them and put them away before you turn on the hose to spray your car.
  • If electrical equipment gets wet, cut power.
    If a plugged-in appliance or tool comes into contact with water, NEVER try to pull it out - even if it's turned off. First you must turn off the power source at the service panel, and then unplug the appliance. If an electrical device gets immersed, don't use it until it has been checked by a qualified repair person.
When using electric appliances to clean your car, unplug them and put them away before you ever turn on the hose.