Home & Work Safety

Outdoor Projects

Using Power Tools

  • Use the right tools.
    The power tools you use outdoors should be specially made for that purpose. They will have heavier wiring, a three-way grounded plug or double insulation.
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters will help keep you safe.
    Any outdoor outlet must be weatherproof and have a GFCI Interrupter to protect you from serious shock. If you run an extension cord from an indoor outlet to use a power tool at an outdoor location, choose an outlet that has GFCI protection.
  • Keep your work area dry and clean.
    When working in wet conditions, you need to be even more careful. Wet clothes or skin will increase the severity of any shock. Also, dust can ignite from a spark caused by your tools. Take some extra time to make sure your work area is dry and clean before starting work.
Use only well-insulated, heavy-duty equipment that is designed for outdoor conditions. When working outdoors, use GFCI-protected outlets.