Home & Work Safety

Indoor Projects

Using Power Tools

Check tools and cords for wear before you start.
Check cords and connections for wear, cuts or frays. Make sure cords and tools are not being exposed to oil, heat or corrosive materials.

Take precautions in wet areas.
If you are in an area where there is moisture, make sure your tools and cords are designed for heavy-duty use and the circuits are equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. Dirt and dampness increase the risk of shock, so be sure to keep your tools and work area clean and dry.

Take care of your tools:
  • Carry tools by their handles, not by their cords.
  • Switch tools off before plugging or unplugging, and always unplug tools before cleaning them.
  • Tool shields, barriers, insulation and GFCIs protect you from shock. Don't modify them to try to get the job done faster.
  • If a tool sparks, if the cord heats up while in use, or if the tool delivers a shock, it poses a serious electrical hazard and should be discarded.