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Surge Protection

Protect Your Equipment From Power Surges.
A power surge can cause damage to electrical appliances TVs, DVD players, computers and home office equipment are particularly susceptible.

A power surge is an over-voltage, or spike, that momentarily disrupts electricity supply. This can happen during severe weather, when a tree limb touches a power line or through the rerouting of routine utility system operations. Power surges also can occur due to poor connections or faulty electrical equipment on your property. A power surge also can enter your home or business through cable and telephone lines.

Protect property from power surges:

  • Invest in high-quality surge protectors. Surge protectors monitor the flow of electricity and divert excess voltage either back into the system or to the ground.
  • Use a dual protection system:
    • Whole house – Protects against external power surges. These devices can be installed on your service panel by a licensed electrician.
    • Point of use – Guards individual devices that are sensitive to power surges, such as computers, office equipment, TVs and DVD players.
  • Unplug devices that aren’t being used.