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Uncoated Brass Appliance Connectors May Be Dangerous
MidAmerican Energy wants to remind all natural gas users to have older natural gas appliance connectors checked. A certain type of appliance connector may present a potential hazard.

Uncoated brass connectors may crack or break, leading to a fire or explosion with the potential for injuries or death. Although these connectors are no longer used in new installations, some remain attached to appliances in homes or other locations older than 25 years. Note: The connectors may have been moved into newer homes with the moving of an appliance.

These types of connectors join gas appliances to gas lines and are located in the back of each appliance. The connectors are most commonly used with gas ranges, but may also be found on gas clothes dryers, water heaters and furnaces.

If you think you may have an uncoated brass connector on your gas range or any other gas appliance – or are uncertain whether you do – it is recommend that you have a qualified plumbing and heating dealer inspect it. Do not move the appliance yourself because the connector may crack or break, releasing gas into the room and creating a potentially hazardous situation.

MidAmerican Energy recommends customers have a qualified plumbing and heating dealer replace any uncoated brass connectors with new connectors certified by the Canadian Standards Association. These are made of either stainless steel or plastic-coated metal that conforms to American National Standard Institute Z21.24.