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CalEnergy Supports California Legislature Recognition of May as Geothermal Month

For more information, contact:
Julie White, Director, Communications, at 515-281-2785

CALIPATRIA, Calif. – (May 15, 2014) – The California Legislature officially recognizes the month of May as Geothermal Month. CalEnergy supports this effort to raise awareness of the positive impacts this renewable resource provides the state of California, neighboring states and its residents.

Geothermal energy has many unique benefits, including a consistent, predictable product that demonstrates reliability unmatched by other renewable energy technologies, a relatively small land footprint, and low-integration costs. California has adopted one of the most ambitious Renewable Portfolio Standards in the country. The contribution of geothermal generation is ideally suited to achieving these RPS goals and also is effective toward meeting the state’s environmental goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Geothermal energy is a clean base load alternative – the most reliable renewable energy source available today,” said Steve Larsen, president, CalEnergy. “Our vast experience with geothermal generation offers the region many benefits; yet, the significant positive economic impact is one of the most compelling.”

CalEnergy is leading the efforts that promote geothermal procurement in the state of California to enable a reliable electrical grid. The company has been operating in the Imperial Valley for more than 25 years and will be investing more than $1 billion in capital improvements to its existing facilities to sustain its Salton Sea operations for another 30 years. CalEnergy is the largest contributor to the local tax base, which benefits the local communities by supporting local schools and other Imperial County improvements.

As owner of 10 of the 11 power plants operating at the Known Salton Sea Geothermal Resource Area, the most abundant geothermal field in North America, CalEnergy also is a major employer in the local community, providing a diverse range of full-time employment opportunities.

“We employ nearly 240 residents from the Imperial Valley,” said Larsen. “Our company takes a proactive approach that searches locally for people that we can train and then promote from within the current workforce to create careers not just jobs.” In addition, CalEnergy partners with local workforce development groups and local community colleges to further strengthen the available workforce.

Earlier this year, the Imperial Valley Economic and Development Corporation recognized CalEnergy as the 2014 Company of the Year, which is presented to an organization that has contributed significantly to growing the renewable energy industry to the benefit of the region. IVEDC noted the achievements and local commitment CalEnergy has demonstrated year after year.

About CalEnergy:
CalEnergy owns and operates 10 geothermal generation facilities in the Salton Sea Known Geothermal Resource Area in California’s Imperial Valley. CalEnergy, also known as MidAmerican Geothermal, is a subsidiary of MidAmerican Renewables.