Illinois Electric Rates

The Illinois Commerce Commission approved a $16.4 million annual rate increase in November 2014. MidAmerican Energy had not raised base electric rates in Illinois since 1992. Customers benefitted from more than 20 years of rate stability or rate decreases. Even with the rate increase, MidAmerican Energy’s rates remain low by both regional and national standards.

Rate Impact
The following percentages are annual figures based on averages for customer class and vary for individual customers by month and by season.
  • Residential – 15.2 percent
  • Non-Residential Energy Only – 1.6 percent
  • Commercial Demand – 10 percent
  • Industrial Demand – 13.9 percent
  • Lighting – 23.5 percent

Summer/Winter Rates
Producing electricity in the summer is more expensive than in the winter; therefore, the rates customers are billed fluctuates between summer (June – September) and winter (October – May).