Environmental Efforts

Renewable Energy
Western U.S.
Geothermal Operations
CalEnergy Generation operates 10 geothermal generating plants in Southern California's Imperial Valley, which produce electricity solely from naturally occurring steam. Production wells tap into superheated water reservoirs thousands of feet beneath the Earth's surface to release tremendous pressure, caused by the hot water, which rushes to the surface. There, steam is separated and used to drive turbines to generate electricity.

Geothermal Virtual Tour
Learn how the geothermal process works by taking a virtual tour of one of CalEnergy's geothermal plants.

Hydropower Projects and Renewable Energy Commitment
Learn more about PacifiCorp Energy’s hydropower projects, and PacifiCorp's commitment to renewable energy.

Hydroelectric Virtual Tour
Learn how hydropower plants take advantage of a naturally occurring, continuous process that involves the cycling of water through the environment, known as the hydrologic cycle, to convert the potential energy from flowing water into electrical energy by taking a virtual tour of the process.