Electric Transmission


  1. Why are the projects necessary?
    • The projects are primarily designed to:
      • Improve system reliability
      • Relieve existing transmission congestion
      • Improve utilization of existing generation
      • Lower the cost of delivered energy
      • Optimize wind generation placement
      • Allow for the regional delivery of renewable generation
  2. How was the route selected?
    • MidAmerican Energy retained an engineering company to perform comprehensive route studies for transmission lines that would run across northern Iowa and western Illinois. The studies were performed to develop routes in accordance with Iowa statutes and the regulations of the Iowa Utilities Board while minimizing overall impact on property owners and natural resources. Among the factors considered were land use criteria, environmental considerations, engineering design criteria and setbacks.
  3. What are the benefits to a local community or landowner?
    • The projects create several economic benefits, including landowner easement payments, an increase in annual property tax payments to local counties, construction jobs, and future generation interconnection possibilities.
  4. Where will the poles be located?
    • The poles will primarily be located along lines of land division, road rights of way and railroads. The poles also may be located along existing transmission line routes and corridors.
  5. What is the right of way required for this project?
    • MidAmerican Energy is requesting a project right of way width of 150 feet.
  6. How will landowners be compensated?
    • MidAmerican Energy will pay a predetermined percent of the average land value for permanent easement and a predetermined percent of the average land value for temporary construction work space. Also, an additional payment will be made if a pole is located on a property.