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Note: MidAmerican Energy is seeking approval from the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission to fund natural gas furnace and ground-source heat pump rebates in 2015. We will seek approval for this equipment to be eligible for rebates in our annual plan update filing submitted to the commission during first quarter 2015. Until approval is received, MidAmerican Energy will no longer offer residential rebates for natural gas furnaces or ground-source heat pumps in its South Dakota service territory. Since funding for the 2014 South Dakota Residential Equipment natural gas program has been depleted, MidAmerican Energy also is seeking approval from the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission to pay 2014 Residential Equipment natural gas rebates for applications received after Dec. 31, 2014. Updates will be provided once MidAmerican Energy learns the outcome of these requests.

MidAmerican Energy values the relationships we have with our trade allies. Our goal is to provide resources to help you market and deliver energy-efficient products and services to your customers. Working together, we can educate our mutual customers about the value and importance of energy efficiency. Greater customer awareness helps customers understand the importance of higher efficient equipment and increases participation in energy efficiency programs.

MidAmerican Energy is pleased to offer EnergyAdvantage® residential and nonresidential energy efficiency programs for South Dakota customers within our service territory. Current energy efficiency program brochures and an overview brochure, which provides abbreviated descriptions of each program, may be printed or viewed online. Printed copies of the overview brochure, as well as certain program-specific educational materials, may be ordered via an order request form or by calling our representatives at 877-290-4517.

Become an EnergyAdvantage Trade Ally Partner today. Enjoy additional marketing and program-specific resources by joining the EnergyAdvantage Trade Ally Network. While any contractor or trade ally can submit rebate applications, the benefits you receive as a Trade Ally Partner will help you take full advantage of the network. To learn about enhanced resources, tools and benefits that Trade Ally Partners receive, join the EnergyAdvantage Trade Ally Network.

Our contact information is the same; call us at 877-290-4517 or email us at

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