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An Outstanding Return on a Light Investment
As a business owner, you look for investments with short payback periods and attractive rates of return. Energy-efficient lighting is just such an investment. As much as 40 percent of your electric bill may be just the cost of your business lighting requirements. Installing energy-efficient lighting can:
  • Significantly reduce electric usage
  • Decrease monthly energy costs
  • Markedly improve lighting quality
  • Provide a safer and more productive work environment
Eligible Equipment
MidAmerican Energy's EnergyAdvantage® program encourages the installation of high-efficiency lighting equipment in our customers' industrial and commercial facilities in South Dakota. Energy for which the rebate is paid must be purchased directly from MidAmerican Energy. Rebates are available for these qualifying measures:
  • Fluorescent T-8 and T-5 systems, including high-bay fixtures using 800-series lamps
  • Pulse-start metal halide fixtures
  • LED exit signs
Note: MidAmerican Energy also provides financial incentives to help customers implement energy-efficient equipment and systems that are not included in our prequalified equipment lists or addressed in other EnergyAdvantage programs. Cash incentives will be customized and are based on the qualifying equipment’s higher incremental cost, peak demand reduction, annual energy use reduction and annual energy cost savings. An application for the Custom Systems program must be received and preapproved by MidAmerican Energy prior to the customer’s purchase and installation of equipment or systems to be eligible for a rebate. MidAmerican Energy can provide technical assistance to expedite the rebate application process. View our Custom Systems guidelines for additional information.

Brochure and Application Form
Learn how to invest in the energy efficiency of your business by reviewing a program brochure of our Lighting Equipment program. If you're planning a purchase of qualifying equipment or if you've recently purchased qualifying equipment, apply for a rebate by printing and completing our application form, which is included in the program brochure.

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