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MidAmerican Energy Company is committed to helping you and your business save money on your energy bills and conserve energy. We are pleased to offer energy efficiency programs to help you meet your goals. Check out our program offerings in this easy-to-follow guide.

Unsure where to begin? Let one of our energy experts assist you with determining which service best meets your building needs and help you get started in enhancing the performance of your building. MidAmerican Energy's Trade ally Partners are dealers, contractors, suppliers and design professionals whose work is essential in advancing energy efficiency. They are highly educated about our EnergyAdvantage® programs and requirements and can help you take advantage of MidAmerican Energy's money-saving rebates.

What are you waiting for? Join the thousands of Illinois customers already practicing energy efficiency and saving some green.

View our 2015 Illinois Energy Efficiency Rebate Information For Your Business booklet today!

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One of the most beneficial home energy savers throughout the year is a ceiling fan, which can circulate large amounts of air using the same amount of electricity as a single 100-watt light bulb. Learn More