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Commercial New Constructionarrows

MidAmerican Energy's Commercial New Construction program encourages the design and construction of new – as well as the renovation or conversion of existing – energy-efficient commercial buildings in Iowa. The program provides financial incentives to help building developers and owners optimize energy efficiency strategies in the design stage, before equipment has been selected, ordered and installed. The new, renovated or converted building must receive its primary electricity from MidAmerican Energy. Where applicable, the direct supply of natural gas also must be provided by MidAmerican Energy. If design and equipment decisions for the project have already been made, nonresidential rebates may be available.

Energy Design Assistance
The needs of your project will be matched to one of the following tracks:

Track Square Footage Minimum Energy Savings* Project Description Services
I 5-15K 15% Small Buildings 1 meeting; Building systems optimization for 1-3 systems (depends on building complexity); implementation verification
II >15K 15% Standard Efficiency Strategies 2 meetings; Building systems optimization based on mechanical system selection; implementation verification
III >15K 15% Custom Efficiency Strategies 3 meetings; Building systems optimization for 2 complex systems; implementation verification
IV >15K 40% Advanced Custom Efficiency Strategies 4+ meetings; Goal setting with module options of massing, daylighting and HVAC analysis; building systems optimization for 4 complex systems; certification support for LEED® and ENERGY STAR®; implementation verification
*Minimum percent savings better than Iowa Energy Code requirements.

The program also can readily accommodate fast-track projects, often smaller in size, and retail/chain buildings that follow an organization's standard building footprint, regardless of building size.

Design Team Rebate Payments
MidAmerican Energy offers a design team participation rebate to offset the design team members’ expenses associated with program participation. The design team participation rebate amount is based on the program track, available options, and participation support required from the design team.

Construction Rebates
Construction rebates are paid to the building owner based on the annual electric and natural gas savings modeled and verified as installed by MidAmerican Energy. A minimum energy savings of 15 percent beyond that required by the Iowa Energy Code is required to qualify. Rebates range from $.06 to $.19 per kWh saved and $.60 to $1.90 per therm saved when compared to the Iowa Energy Code. Projects that cannot achieve the 15 percent minimum energy savings still may qualify for rebates under other EnergyAdvantage® programs.

Brochure and Application Form
Ready to start your project? Complete the online application to get the process started. View the Commercial New Construction program brochure for additional program information. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your hard drive to view PDF files. Download a free copy by visiting the Adobe Download Site.

Des Moines Public Schools Earns U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Award Sixty-four schools were honored for their exemplary efforts to reduce environmental impact and utility costs, promote better health and ensure effective environmental education, including civics and green career pathways. MidAmerican Energy provided rebates for Des Moines Public Schools, one of the 64 schools honored.

See how the Commercial New Construction program has increased energy savings for building projects in Iowa. Questions?
Call our representatives at 877-939-1874.


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