Business and Community Development

Local Partners
We offer assistance to communities in our service territory through our Local Partners program. You can apply for financial assistance to facilitate team meetings, such as leadership development classes, or review your entire program to develop a strong strategic plan. Our goal is to partner with communities to improve economic opportunities in your community and the MidAmerican Energy Company service territory.

MidAmerican’s EconomicAdvantage team also can help local development groups by providing the following services:

  • Strategic Plans – Communities that achieve the greatest economic development success begin with a strategic plan that builds the broad community support needed to succeed. These plans typically are designed as a five-year blueprint. We work with you to create a plan that includes goals, tactics, deliverables, timelines and a budget.
  • Local Partner Trade Shows – Every year, MidAmerican exhibits at a variety of industry trade shows. With our extensive trade show experience in the areas of metal forming, plastics and polymers, and biotechnology, you can gain valuable experience in successful trade show marketing. Take advantage of these appearances to recruit businesses and open new avenues of growth and opportunity for your community.
  • Aerial Photography – Businesses contemplating relocation consider up-to-date aerial images essential to evaluating a prospective site.
  • Website Development and Maintenance – Local economic development groups must strive to stay current with national and industry standards, including implementation of standard data used by these organizations.
  • Matching Investment Funding – Helpful in speeding project funding, this program is available through MidAmerican’s Local Partners Program for local development organizations.