Business and Community Development

Local Partners
Build the economic climate of your community with help from MidAmerican Energy Company’s Local Partners program by completing and submitting the following form.

Note: Please do not use any punctuation other than periods or commas.

Step One (required by all applicants)
Date: (MM/DD/YYYY)
* Applicant Name:
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* Organization:
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* City, State, ZIP:
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* Name of MidAmerican Energy Contact:
Date of Discussion: (MM/DD/YYYY)
LOIS information completed
Link to MidAmerican Energy website
Application discussed with economic development representative

Documents sent to
Current annual report
Current organizational budget
Current board of directors list
Current marketing plan
Step Two (required by all applicants)
Directions: Check the program for which you are applying. If applying for more than one program, please submit a separate application form for each.

A. Product Ehancement

B. Strategic Planning and Implementation

C. Workforce Development

D. Professional Development Scholarships

E. Special Projects

Step Three (required by all applicants)
Financial Need (please send current organizational budget AND project budget)

Project Budget Sent:
Organizational Budget Sent:
Total Amount Requested: $ Total Project Cost: $
Other Sources of Funding: Amount: $
Other Sources of Funding: Amount: $
Other Sources of Funding: Amount: $
YTD MidAmerican Funding: $
Step Four
General Application Information (required by all applicants)

Please provide a general description of your project. Send additional sheets if necessary.

Project time frame/dates of event:

Expected measurable results:

Quantify benefit to MidAmerican (increased or retained energy sales):

Follow-up plan:
Step Five
Industrial Building Marketing Assistance Program (Required only if applying for industrial building marketing assistance.)

Total Square Feet:
Year Built:
Electric Provider:
Natural Gas Provider:
Is Building Listed on LocationOne?
Step Six
Additional Information
Additional information may be sent via email to Please indicate that the additional information is for the Local Partners' Application Form.