Call Before You Dig

Utility contacts can be costly – and deadly.
Underground utility contacts cost utility owners and contractors millions of dollars in repair and service disruption costs every year. Not only that, workers who contact buried utilities put themselves and the public at risk of injury or death. It's your responsibility to dig safely to protect yourself, your crew and the public.
  • Contact your one-call utility notification service.
    Call the notification service before you dig, blast, bore, trench, drill, grade or excavate in any way. The local one-call utility notification service (see below) will arrange for marking of underground power lines and other utilities so you can keep your distance. If you can white-line your proposed excavation route, locators can more easily mark the affected utilities.
  • Never rely solely on your utility maps.
    Utility maps are not updated often, and the markings may be off. The one-call center has the most current, most accurate information about buried utilities.
In Iowa, call 800-292-8989; in Illinois, 800-892-0123; in South Dakota, 800-781-7474; in Nebraska, 800-331-5666. They are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call your one-call utility notification service well ahead of digging, so underground utilities can be marked and you can work safely. To learn more about protecting yourself and your co-workers, visit the Home and Work Safety section of MidAmerican Energy's website.