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Energy Trading

MidAmerican Energy Trading is a leading regional provider of low-cost energy and related services based in Des Moines, Iowa. We have the knowledgeable traders and technical staff, the energy marketing experience, and the assets to deliver innovative and flexible solutions to a wide variety of wholesale energy customers. We're here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to meet all your wholesale energy needs whenever they arise – whether you need full-requirements energy supply, firm or nonfirm energy or capacity or risk management.

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Electric Trading Phone Fax
Hourly Trading 515-281-2702 515-252-6446
Day-Ahead Scheduling 515-252-6780 515-252-6446
Day-Ahead Trading 515-252-6575 515-252-6446
Long-Term Contracts/Capacity 515-252-6443 515-252-6446
Contract Administration 515-242-4279 515-252-6446
Billing 515-281-2667 515-242-3996
Gas Supply Phone Fax
Short-Term Trading 515-281-2967 515-242-4036
Long-Term Contracts 515-281-2967 515-242-4036