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About Advanced Supercritical Technology
Advanced supercritical technology allows boiler and turbine equipment to operate at extremely high temperatures and pressures, requiring less coal and resulting in fewer emissions for the same electrical output we depend on every day.

About the Virtual Tour
A simple click of the mouse will take you on a guided tour of a coal-fueled power plant, from the comfort of your own chair. Start your tour by selecting any of the numbered icons to view specific operations and examine each phase at your own pace. Select Grand Tour to view the phases of coal-fueled energy production from start to finish.

For clarification of terms used in the tour, view our Glossary of Terms.

Learn about the formation of coal. Learn how coal is mined and prepared for market. See how the coal enters the plant and begins the conversion to energy. See how steam moves through and spins a series of turbines to create the pressure needed to power the generator. Learn about the water and steam systems used in the generation process. Learn about the processes used to control regulated emissions. From the power plant to your home, follow a grand tour of the entire process used to activate something as basic as switching on a light.